Digital Maketing Solutions

We provide bespoke Digital Maketing solutions for your events, causes, products and services.

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Product Marketing

Do you have a product and want it marketed directly to buyers on the field?

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Need Brand Ambassadors?

Do you want to build an army of Brand Ambassadors for your cause, products or services?

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Reputation Management Solutions

We offer a sterling Reputation Management bouquet for corporations, top executives and public figures.

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Event & Cause Marketing

You require marketing for your events and causes?

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World Wide Reach

Do you have a message you want blasted to specific audiences or the whole wide world?

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– Our Services –

What we can do for you.


The research portfolio of TRW Consult covers social research, media research and content research, executed with painstaking…

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Reputation Management

Our reputation management portfolio is customised to the unique needs of small, medium and large scale enterprises.

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Digital Marketing

TRW Consult offers virtual marketing services through adverts on Google, Yahoo!…

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Social Media Campaigns

TRW Consult helps its clients to register and maintain a respectable presence on popular social media platforms…

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Content Marketing

TRW Consult help organisations achieve their marketing goals through the use of well-crafted content…

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Direct Marketing

TRW Consult help SMEs to market their goods and services directly to the target audience…

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Event Marketing

Are you organising a paid or free event for target demographics or general audience? We can help you engage…

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– Happy Clients –

What they are saying about us.

Once again, I appreciate your hard work and dedication. You are really adding value to the…project. Don’t ever forget your efforts are highly appreciated.


Reputation Management Consultant

I called to thank you again. The event was very successful! Almost 200 participants! We thank God. Thank you so much for your invaluable contribution to this success!

Dr. Henrietta

A Satisfied Conference Convener

Once again, I appreciate your hard work and dedication. You are really adding value to the…project. Don’t ever forget your efforts are highly appreciated.


Graphic Designer, From a highly respected institution


Here’s what we think.

Reputation Management: What is The Fuss?

There was a joke about a certain man whose fiance organized a surprise dinner. On getting home, the woman told him to close his eyes that she has a surprise for him. Blindfolded, he was led to the dining room. Once seated, he felt the need to fart and thought why not,...

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The Act Of Planning

“Light! Camera! Action!” TO many of us those are words that we usually associate with movie production. Like many other life endeavors, movie production involves a lot of planning and execution. Without proper planning, most of these blockbusters will never be things...

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6 Ways To Make Your Customers Fall For You

   This week that love is in the air, people’s attention is mainly on the most important human emotion of all.  Shops and restaurants are filled with lovers trying one way or the other to impress their loved ones. In short, love moves people to action, it helps...

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