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Founded in 2009, TRW Consult is an award-winning Marketing Communications Agency offering Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Research, Event Marketing, Social Media Management, Marketing Support, Branding and Digital Marketing services to corporates, individuals and public institutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our range of communication and marketing solutions are contrived to help our clients achieve their personal or corporate goals, increase revenue, mobilise signups/support as well as drive top-of-the-mind brand awareness.

Purpose Statement
TRW Consult is a market leader in its areas of operations in the Nigerian and West African market; hence its purpose statements:
Vision Statement
To be the most visible marketing communications providers in Nigeria, West Africa and the African continent; and the first name that comes to mind when excellence, resourcefulness, and/or quality delivery is mentioned.
Mission Statement
To Clients: To offer our clients an unbelievable range of options, plus time to do more in their spheres of core competence by taking on their inconveniences; whilst exceeding their expectations through our professionalism and resourcefulness in job execution and delivery.

To Operatives: To provide enabling work environments where fulltime and part-time operatives can learn on every job, evolve as professionals, and attain their full potential, through stretch assignments and personal coaching, whilst raking in some good money on the side.

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