Having a great website without traffic is like building a mansion in the middle of a thick forest.

The essence of building any website in the first place is to drive traffic there, and by so doing make the products and services of an organisation known to the public.

Our team can help to drive massive traffic to your website and boost your sales or patronage through an integrated marketing mix and strategic deployment of internet resources to achieve your specific goals.

Benefits of Online Ads

Online advert has several advantages over advertising on traditional media. Some of these leverages are highlighted below:

» Scalable: The scale and scope can be tailored to your budget.

» Measurable: Everything is measurable. When you place an ad in the newspaper, it can be difficult to assess the direct sales impact on your business. With online marketing, everything can be illustrated in detailed graphs that illustrate traffic growth, leads and sales conversions.

» Demographic targeting: To target young people, all you need is an online marketing strategy to reach them where they spend their time. It can be targeted at particular demographics that are most likely to require the advertised products and services.

» Segmentation: Your online adverts can also be segmented to beam to people in particular geographical locations where you wish to market your products anywhere in the world.

» Wider reach: It has the potential of reaching a larger number of people since most people are online and the targets need not incur extra costs (such as having to purchase a magazine or newspaper) to view the adverts.

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» Portable: apart from desktop and laptop computers, online adverts are also accessible on mobile devices and tablets such as Android and Apple products.

» Timeliness: there is no restriction to the time your adverts can be seen, as people can see the adverts morning, afternoon and night.

» Universality: the adverts can be seen all over the world. So there’s no restriction on the number of people who can see them and the locality.

» Reduced Costs: The costs of online marketing are negligible compared to the thousands you would spend on newspaper, television and radio ads.

» Brand affinity: there is no better way to maintain brand visibility and create brand affinity than online advertising. This is because your adverts keep popping up on the screen of internet users, such that it results in ‘stickiness’ of your marketing message.

Campaign Options

There are various options with different coverage potentials as follows:

  1. Keyword Placement and Management: Here we promote your URL such that it comes amongst the top displays in response to search queries that contain one or more words that are related to your products and services.
  1. Social Media Campaign: We will also use Facebook adverts to drive traffic to your site by targeting specific segments of the over one billion Facebook users, who are most likely to need the advertised products and services.
  1. Keyword Search: This option will display your adverts in response to search queries that contain one or more words that are related to your products and services.
  1. Text display: This is text display of your adverts and brand name on top sites and the Google accounts of targeted demographics. The ad display will be premised on the online activities of web users in relation to your products and services.
  1. Image display: This will present the adverts in a graphic form across several websites. It may include photographs of products and services.
  1. Video: This involves creating brief video clips of the adverts which will be hosted on YouTube with links to it displayed on several websites.
  1. Target Bulk SMS: this is a broadcast of sponsored messages to the mobile phones of target demographics.
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