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We offer the following services:
Reputation Management
reputation-managementReputation management is one of our flagships and much sought-after services. We have bespoke packages for public figures, multinationals, top executives and public institutions to position them in a favourable stead in public opinion/perception as well as make them the subject of positive social discourse.
Content Marketing
content-marketingIn this digital dispensation, content is king! No matter what you do online, if you are not strategic and consistent in your engagement, your endeavours will largely go unnoticed. With TRW Consult, that needs not be the case, as we help organisations achieve their marketing goals, increase revenue and gain brand awareness through the strategic deployment of well-crafted content that speaks to their ideals, offerings and audiences.
Brand Management
consultancyA strong brand sets your organisation apart from the competitors and gives your business a quality rating. Our brand management package is designed to promote, maintain, improve, and uphold your corporate brand so that the mere mention or remembrance of your name produces a positive feeling in the mind. This we achieve by deploying our expertise to analyse, finetune as well as manage the tangible and intangible characteristics of your brand for consumer loyalty and engagement.
Digital Marketing
digital-marketingTRW Consult offers digital marketing services through direct/indirect adverts placement on terrestrial media, Google networks, Yahoo and other high-traffic sites. This is contrived for different purposes, including driving web traffic, building awareness, facilitating sales or patronage, and/or making a campaign message go viral on the web.
Social Media Campaigns
social-mediaThese days, almost everyone and every organisation has a presence on the social media, particularly the popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.However, most corporate presence or iconic presence (prominent individuals) on the social media are mere presence with no marked focus, strategy, or intent to engage the teeming online public/market. This conundrum is largely due to not knowing what it takes to maintain a vibrant online-cum-social media presence. At TRW Consult, we help our clients maintain an engaging presence on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, amongst others.
Direct Marketing
direct-marketingRunning day-to-day operations can be quite tasking as well as time-consuming for business owners, with little else to devote to marketing the products/services they have expended much efforts and time to produce or design. With TRW Consult, getting the right message out there to the right audience at their preferred locations is a walk in the park. We help cottage businesses and SMEs to market their goods/services directly to their target audience so as to increase sales and long-term patronage.
'Target Marketing'We deploy both conventional and unconventional strategies to help individuals and corporates achieve a razzmatazz effect in promoting their brands, causes, ideals and other objectives locally, nationally, regionally and globally.
Event Marketing
event-marketingAre you organising a paid or free event for target demographics or a general audience? Our renowned event marketing package is structured to mobilise your preferred audience to attend your virtual or physical conference, rally, symposium and other specialised events at a very pocket-friendly price.
researchThe research deliverables of TRW Consult cover a wide spectrum of professional exploration including social research, market research, media research and content research, executed with painstaking efficiency and unparalleled intellectual rigour.
Corporate Training

corporate-trainingTRW Consult offers professional training in corporate communications and social media engagements to individuals and corporate concerns. Our in-house experts have facilitated training sessions for banks, government establishments, including a 4-year stint in Management Communications in the MBA classes of Lagos Business School.

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