These days, almost everyone and every organisation have a presence on the social media, particularly the popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. As at March this year, there were 1.415 billion active users on Facebook, and 288 million monthly active users on Twitter. With the explosive youth population in Nigeria, you can imagine what chunk of those statistics we boast as a nation.
However, most corporate presence and iconic presence (prominent individuals) on the social media are a mere presence with no marked focus, strategy, or intent to engage the teeming online public/market. This conundrum is largely due to not knowing what it takes to maintain a vibrant online-cum-social media presence.
There are 4 basics to maintaining a successful online and social media presence. They are:
1. Contents: Content is the backbone of social media. Unless you publish fresh, relevant information on a regular basis for your audience to consume, your online and social media platforms will not command traffic. Social media accounts that don’t churn out fresh contents are considered dead.
2. Engagement: The second nitty-gritty for running a successful online/social media campaign is audience engagement. Organisations and individuals who engage their online audience are generally seen as friendly and responsive plus many other positive perceptions, all of which translate into sales, patronage, goodwill, brand affiliation, loyalty and an army of brand ambassadors who will go to any length to promote/defend your name, brand, product, service or cause.
3. Skills: There are potpourri related skills required to drive a vibrant social media presence ranging from graphics, research, designs, backend management, analytics, optimisation, monitoring, etc. Not knowing which to deploy, when and how to deploy it or utilising them wrongly is a sure road to virtual comatose or disaster.
4. Consistency: Knowing what to do to have a winning social media presence and how to do it does not guarantee success unless such knowledge is backed by painstaking efforts and commitment to doing it day in, day out. Lack of consistency accounts mostly for the online failure of multinationals, institutions and public figures, who have all it takes as well as the budget to be vibrant and visible online, but whose activities there are whimpers.
The good news is that TRW Consult has all the expertise, drive as well as foreign and local partnerships to run an online/social media campaign that will give you/your organisation the Coca Cola Effect. We are presently the largest content producers in West Africa and have successfully executed online projects across all horizons from global to national, organisational, iconic, and then cottage projects. Some of our portfolios include World Economic Forum, National Conference 2014, FanMilk, and cottage businesses with a low budget.
With our new Branding & Digital Solutions Packages for different cadres of individuals and corporates, you need not worry anymore about what you are losing by not being visible and vibrant online. Please see details in the attachment.
We have branding and online/social media packages for individuals, organisations, public figures, multinationals and public institutions.
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