National Conference 2014

Upon glowing recommendation and referral from someone who had witnessed our excellent delivery first-hand, TRW Consult was called upon to cover the online and social media assignments of the recently concluded National Conference 2014 which took place at the National Judicial Institute, Abuja.

We immediately set to work, putting in place all necessary tools toward the realisation of the objectives of this project which include ensuring maximum coverage of the National Confab and achieving optimal engagement on all relevant social media platforms.

Toward this end, we created an official account for the Confab on popular online resources and social media platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Nairaland and YouTube. We also provided Livestream expertise to beam the proceedings of the Conference live to Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria home and abroad.

Social Media Engagement

Below are the highlights of activities, deliverables and achievements on some of the online resources we deployed to push out the messages of the National Conference during the duration of the Conference from March to August 2014.


The Gmail account we created for the National Confab


was used to viral the press releases and official statements of the Conference Secretariat to thousands of media outlets and practitioners on our own list. Through this medium, we were able to send out about 400 of such broadcasts on a daily basis whilst the Conference lasted, and as occasion demands afterward.


We also created a LinkedIn account for the Conference to cater to the different cadres of professionals who subscribed to that platform. Through the LinkedIn account, we were able to upload the press releases, official statements, side news and gist as well as multimedia files emanating from the Conference.


The National Conference was also eminently represented on the most popular online forum in Nigeria, Nairaland. The official account of the Confab on Nairaland is NGConfab2014 through which we were able to broadcast about 200 core messages of the Conference to hundreds of thousands of Nigerians on Nairaland. These messages were read by some 360,958 subscribers with thousands of comments in their wake.


Similar feats were achieved on Google Plus, where we were able to broadcast 335 messages of the National Conference which were read by 36,702 people on this emerging platform.


We recorded and uploaded 69 Conference proceedings clips on the official YouTube channel we created for the Confab. These in turn attracted 43,678 viewers from different parts of the world. The most prominent amongst these uploads was the speech of Professor Dora Akunyili, which incidentally was her last public address. Url:


The official Facebook Page we created for the Confab boasts of 116,794 active followership as at the time of filing in this report. In all, we published 383 contents on the Page which attracted 2,555,509 views. In addition, the Page itself has reached a total of 6,107,221 Facebook subscribers and has actively engaged 411,391 of such people while the Conference lasted. These figures are still increasing by the day.


The Twitter campaign we executed for the Confab was run in concert with 225 Twitter Influencers. At the peak of the campaign, the Twitter account [NGConfab2014] we created for the Confab attracted a total of 102,797 Twitter citizens worldwide who actively followed and engaged the handle. As at the time we handed over, we had published a total of 15,531 tweets, using the hashtag #NGConfab, which recorded a whopping 140,698,161 impressions! Impression is the number of times an online message is seen.

Live Stream

We also undertook the massive assignment of streaming hitch-free live proceedings of the Conference to the world. The Facebook adverts we powered to drive traffic to the livestream channel reached a total of 309,442 Facebook subscribers, with 379,294 impressions and 11,458 clicks. It didn’t end there, we also placed adverts on 39 high traffic websites to achieve the same objective. Those adverts resulted in 3,011 clicks and 658,338 impressions. These are all from statistics we can monitor alone.

Upon our engagement to consult for the National Conference, 2 of our operatives were also deployed to the National Conference, with the complement of 5 other members of our team providing ancillary support from our Lagos base.

In order to also deliver our brief to create awareness about the Confab and mobilise the citizenry, particularly the youths and online users, to follow the proceedings and actively engage the delegates and Conference Secretariat, we deployed a mix of strategic social media promotion and online adverts targeted on 18,713 popular sites among Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria. At the end of the day, this campaign polled a combined statistics of 202,430 clicks and 26,266,477 impressions!

Our success story does not end there, as we remain a project in progress.

We thank you, as always, for your confidence, goodwill and continual patronage which have been keeping us going.

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