A Case Study in Citizen Engagement

It is believed that the Administration of President Goodluck Jonathan tried in terms of developmental projects and infrastructural facilities, but was generally let down by so-called online consultants and its media team who either did not propagate its good news, or did not deploy requisite tools fitting for an age as this to communicate its feats to the Nigerian people.

As the election frenzy was reaching fever pitch, with just few weeks to the Presidential election, it started dawning on those who should know better that things were not as they ought to be in the blogosphere as far as putting in good words for the Administration was concerned. So the TRW Consult team was later sought for and contracted to run a focused campaign for the Presidency, which would attempt to correct the anomalies of 6 years by acquainting Nigerians about the achievements of the GEJ Administration.

A digression; there is a misconception about online and social media campaigns. Most people believe that having social media platforms and/or web design skills are what it takes to run a successful online or social media campaign. That is far from the truth. Online campaigns thrive primarily on the richness of contents and a bouquet of supporting expertise, such as creatives deployment, backend management, optimisation know-how, strategic partnerships, amongst others. And that is where TRW Consult has an edge over others who venture into online commercials. Being an established research and content provider, we are kilometres ahead of other onliners who either do not have our depth of content-cum-editorial background, technical expertise, and/or performance drive.

Secondly, our culture of rigorous work rate, trademark professionalism and strategic partnerships (locally and internationally) further put us in better stead to deliver on online campaigns across all platforms as well as high ranking websites. Our pedigree from previous national and international projects is also well documented. And that was why we were frantically brought in to salvage the harms done by jobbers and novices who were haphazardly engaged to handle the Presidency campaign.

With our characteristic mien, we set out to curate relevant contents from 7 voluminous publications released by the office of the Chief Economic Adviser to the Presidency containing the many achievements of the Administration across geopolitical zones. Our Research Team also sourced and added 8 additional volumes to the list.

From these resources, we were able to generate about 3,353 social media contents which were published/viraled/promoted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Nairaland, and other Naijacentric blogs and forums in the course of our deliverables. The adverts we ran on target high traffic sites as ancillary for the campaign also polled a huge 52,190,232 impressions.

On Twitter, we practically broke the local Twitter record, as we developed and tweeted a massive 73,961 Twitter contents using the now popular #GEJAchievements hashtag and the tweets we released reached an impressive 96,700,079 Twitter users, recording an eye-popping 422,538,683 impressions!

The campaign lasted for 5 weeks. Popular among the platforms we deployed include:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GEJExploits

Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/GEJExploits

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+GoodluckJonathanAchievements/

Nairaland: http://www.nairaland.com/gejachievements

With the Presidential election long concluded and the results known to all of us, we nonetheless derive immense professional satisfaction from a job well done, as we prime ourselves for other projects.

We don’t just Avail You Time to do More…we also Offer You More Options on what can be done with few.

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