10 Tips to Spice up your Corporate Event

If you are planning your next corporate event, you can use some inspiration from dream-themed party that was thrown for movers and shakers in Las Vegas. This event had 300 guests. To complement the theme of the party, they came with different styles of dream theme such as surreal, bohemian, sweet dreams, and a naughty twist. The event planners left no stone unturned. They wanted to showcase new décor, activations, entertainments and environments.

1. Grand Entrance

A grand entrance will thrill the visitors up to the end.  They used new ideas to make the place look totally different. They installed sleep neon lights at the reception area. There were pajama clad models who were pillow fighting to greet and welcome visitors.

2. This dreamlike grand entrance only created suspense to the guests as they only imagined what awaited them in the inside. There was great artwork on the hallway and great lighting to give the guests an intimate effect. To spice things up, there was a small door on the hallway, where guest opened and wrote their dreams on it using different colors.

3. The Staff Uniform

For an event to be successful, there should be a great team of organizers and managers behind the façade. For this event, the organizers wanted the staff to stand out from the guests. They wore dream shirts and pajamas.

4. Elegant Lounges

Ensure the lounges are comfortable for the guests and strategic to encourage interaction. There were different lounges with different ambience perfect for each particular lounge.For instance in the Dream lounge, guests were treated with a big bed while the bohemian lounge was fitted with a hookah vibe with low seats for intimate conversations.

5. Activities for the Guests

There was plenty of activities that the guests were free to participate in. There was pillow fights, interactive 3D photo props, hair braiding, tattooing, fake lashes, listening station with headphones to listen to music as they watched some naughty shows.

6. Catering Services

Refreshments and catering are an important aspect of any event. Have a variety of refreshments, food and desserts to ensure everyone is taken care of.

7. Entertainment

Entertainment was excellent. There was live performances by the dancers, drummers, stilt walkers and DJ performances.

8. Different Transitions

Having different atmospheres in the same venue is uncommon. But for this event, there were three different themes besides the main theme.

9. Make use of Original Venue

Make full use of the original fixings in the venue. This helps minimize the cost. All you need to do is recreate and add a few fixtures to turn out the place into something else beautiful and unique.

10. Special Installations

Customizing your installations is a bit expensive, but it is rewarding in the end. For example the bohemian ceiling that came with a battery operated descending candles. If you have a limited budget, you can mix up different special installations to come up with a unique design that will stun the guests.

Culled from AZ big Media

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