Marketing Lessons from The US Women’s Soccer Team

The US Women’s Soccer Team made waves on Sunday July 5, 2015 by securing the US Women’s World Cup title. The finals game that took place in Vancouver Canada, also made World Cup history with midfielder Carli Lloyd scoring the quickest goal in a Women’s World Cup final. The World Cup win signifies the third Women’s World Cup for the United States, following a win 1991 and 1999 respectively.

From a marketing perspective what can we learn from this team?

Appeal to People’s Emotions

Almost every effective marketing message has to appeal to a person’s emotion in order to get them to take some sort of action. It can be in the form of speaking to a person’s problem, creating a feeling of happiness, sadness or otherwise. The US World Women’s Soccer team did this with the release of an emotionally compelling commercial, which played on the disappointment of US fans during the United States exit from the Men’s World Cup. The commercial with the tagline “America has a score to settle” capitalizes on bring people back to moment of hope for the US soccer team. Helping to eliminate the melancholy that fans felt after the game with hopeful enthusiasm and excitement for the possibilities of evening the score.

Continue to Create Hype (Social Currency)

In Jonah Berger’s book on what makes things catch on— Contagious (excellent read, by the way) it explains social currency as one of the important aspects when creating marketing hype. Basically, people respond to things that make them look like they are in on some type of secret that know one else knows about. They essentially have the inside scoop, and they are current! Putting the US Women’s Soccer back on everyone’s mind before and during the World Cup final gave people that social currency needed to create a hype. See episodes of Beyond The Crest, a documentary of the US Women’s Soccer team as they go through the games in the World Cup.

Outside of creating the series documentary that showed highlights of the athletes activities in Canada, the US Women’s Soccer team also created personal videos of all 23 team members that allowed us to get to know themalittle bit better. The videos dubbed “One Nation. One Team. 23 Stories.” helped viewers connect with the players beyond an interview at a press conference or after a show.

Start a Social Media Campaign That Creates Inspiration

The US women’s Soccer national team also created a social media campaign centered on inspiring girls and women to become whoever they want to be. The social media campaign dubbed #SheBelieves made waves with many kids sharing their stories on who they wanted to be in the future. Here is why this brilliant, outside of the fact that social media campaigns ultimately target a younger audience who may now grow up wanting to see more from the US Women’s Soccer team or play themselves, it also a great way to get to the parents.

Execute. Execute. Execute. Period! 

At the end of the day, I believe everyone can undoubtedly agree that the US Women’s Soccer team’s marketing was effective because they didn’t only create hype, or evoke emotion they also delivered!

This delivery comes with more marketing deals and opportunities for the team, and an even stronger message for the next World Cup. Kudos to the team!

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