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5 Reasons Your Brand Communication is Turning Customers Away

Brand communication is more than a logo and a few lines. It is deliberate and strategic. However, some brand managers fail to realise this and rush into brand campaigns only to rush out when the flame of their eagerness is extinguished.

Drawing more customers to a particular brand involves careful research and planning, just the same way keeping your customer base requires effort. But when the message is distorted or inappropriate for the segment, we see brand communications sending customers away instead of attracting them like a magnet. Here are some mistakes to avoid:


Inadequate knowledge of target audience

If you don’t understand your target audience, your brand communications are already doomed from the start. Imagine passing sensitive information to the wrong audience. That’s what not properly identifying your audience looks like in brand communications. You should understand their expectations, demands, the values they identify with and the kind of brands they favour. This background information can make communications more targeted and useful.


Not spending much on good communications

Great brand communication is a product of great investments. A serious brand takes consistent investment in products, consumers and itself as its watchword. There are no two ways about it; when you fail to invest in brand communications, you are creating a channel for distortions in your message.

The signals of poor investment begin to show in form of poor messaging, shy social media messaging, lacklustre brand names and web content lacking direction. To remedy this, you could always hire communications agencies like TRW Consult to help you.

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Seeing brand communications as just good grammar

Although grammar and correct spellings are important, great brand communications are more than good grammar, and of course more than correct spellings. Brand communication is a combination of good design and finesse in the development, management and dissemination of messages. The best brands recognise the value of great designs and streamlined messages in their brand communications that speak to the deepest aspirations of their audience. They use both unique visuals and captivating vocabulary to create connections with their customers.



One of the secrets of great brand communications is consistency. It is important in building loyalty, credibility and familiarity. Great brands have achieved their grand status by keeping faith with their personality, promotions and communication, and in fact, with every interaction with their audience. Take the logo of Coca-Cola in the past 130 years for example; its consistency has made it easily recognizable over the years, thereby contributing to its huge customer and audience base.

It is important to note that why consistency is necessary in brand communications, it does not end here. It extends to quality as well.


Limiting your sources of feedback

Some brands are so obsessed with positive reviews that they fail to see a constructive negative review that has the potential to enhance their brand. Taking feedback from the right sources and expanding the net of your reviews will help you measure and set appropriate brand communications goals. Today, social media provides a great platform for reviews.

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