6 Reasons Why You Need an Email List

Do you receive regular emails from a particular organization? Many of us can attest to receiving unsolicited emails from several organisations and businesses all seeking to gain our attention, and hopefully, our patronage.

For a business owner with a website, building an email list can be an effective tool in reaching thousands of prospective clients. You need to realize that your business is not the only one out there, and that there are others trying to get the attention of the same customers you are targeting. There is no better way to get in their face than having an email list. Here are some reasons why having this list is important:

  1. Your list is full of potential customers: I don’t recall registering for some of the emails I receive, but the truth is, I must have done so at some point. It might have been when such organisations offered some other product or service that piqued my interest and I subscribed to their mailing list. And that is precisely my point here; the process of filling online subscription forms hints at the likelihood that you must be selling or doing something that got the interest of your subscribers in the first place. So, your list contains potential customers who will not only patronize you but refer you to others.
  2. Emails are targeted: Your emails land directly in your customer’s inbox and because they are already interested in what you are offering, they will most likely read it. Unlike social media where some complex algorithm determines who sees your post and who doesn’t, emails have no such restrictions.
  3. You are the boss. You don’t own Facebook or Instagram and any change in polices could render your campaign a waste. But you own your list and it can only be influenced by you. For instance, Twitter recently suspended a lot of accounts. Imagine your business account being suspended and you having to build another account and grow followers. Frustrating huh?
  4. It is Personal. Negotiations in a public space like Twitter can be a bit annoying, because everyone can see it. And the “DM for price” thing can actually put a lot of people off. Emails are personal and your recipients can read your messages and reply you privately as soon as they want.
  5. It is cheap to use: Social media ads and google ads can be targeted to a certain demography, but they are not free, and sometimes cost more than your budget can accommodate. But emails are a free way to reach your target audience.
  6. Your list is an asset: If you decide to sell your business, do you know how much more valuable it will be if it was sold with a long list of potential customers that have shown interest in what you have to offer?
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In conclusion, Infusionsoft conducted a research and concluded that while Word of Mouth still steals the top spot, Email Marketing is the second most effective marketing tool, especially for small businesses. It is so effective you absolutely cannot afford to ignore it. And even though you don’t get immediate sales, you will, over time, gain recognition and acceptance, which in turn will increase your conversion rate.


Samuel Ejedegba