6 Ways to Make Your Customers Fall for You

This week that love is in the air, people’s attention is mainly on the most important human emotion of all.  Shops and restaurants are filled with lovers trying one way or the other to impress their loved ones. In short, love moves people to action, it helps us to do things that reaches other peoples heart. So when we say the words “I love you” or “till death do us part,” we are displaying the ultimate in loyalty and expressing it, is paramount.

Along with you doing whatever you do to make the week as much fun and appreciated by your loved ones, why not put your customers or clients in the same context? We all can relate to the romance shown between lovers, why not try more to romance our customers so to say. Think about it, are we in business just to perform a certain function or we are building love? What can you do to stand out and make them fall in love with you? here are six ways to do it:


  1. Create a deep emotional connection.

Wherever, however and whenever you meet your partner does not matter till you can build up a relationship. Moreover, you will need to have built some connections and then, there will be some certain things you will need to know about them. You get all the information from your lover over time, because your relationship grew and developed, and it is constantly changing every day.  Can you do the same with your clients? What do they hope to gain? What is of most concern to them? Can you find common ground? Once you can determine that you are working toward understanding your client’s intricacies, you will be sure to stand out. In that line “get to know” your customers deeply.

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  1. Demonstrate you have the same values.

Most relationship usually started up casually and then develops into something serious. This is because each collaborate to set a balance of values: family, religious beliefs, location, lifestyle choices and so on. For our customers, it is no different when choosing a company’s product or service – is it in line with their needs? Give them something to hold on to. Do more in getting to know them personally. Build a rapport

  1. Make it sizzle.

No one would want to continue with a company that has been stagnant. Most of us would much prefer to spend our money with a team that’s on the forefront, always innovating and keeping us engaged. Just like any relationship has to be fun, exciting, and even sexy. Dinner on the couch in front of the TV every night will not just be ok– things have to feel new and different, even if you have been together for decades. So add some sparks from time to time, do something new. Always re-strategize your offers

  1. Show your loyalty.

When things go wrong, believe me they would, you will always need to reassure your loved ones you have their back. We made that promise, especially to the married ones, when we vow to support our spouse “in sickness and in health,” and so on and so forth. So for your customers, why not make this same promise – and keep it. For sure, you may not guarantee a perfect performance record, but you can guarantee that you will make it right when things are not perfect as they should be. Let them see you as always going to be there for them.

  1. Sprinkle in some mystery and intrigue.

A little surprise package never hurts. It always works wonders. Everyone love those surprise trips, a gift for no reason. Do you remember how you felt when you see a little box on your dinner table or by your bedside after a long day’s work? Or that surprise party with family for a big occasion? Talk about feeling appreciated. Yes, our customers are humans too, they feel what we feel – why not send them an unexpected “thank you” note or “care package”? You can be rest assured that they will tell about that to their friends or network when they get the “surprise” that day.

  1. Show you have THEIR best interest ahead of your own.

 The ultimate demonstration of love in a relationship is to be able to sacrifice for your partner. This shows you truly care about the other person and willing to sacrifice for their benefit. Whether we want to go hungry so they could eat or give them our last cash so they do not to lack, miss work just to be by their side or even drive a million miles to be with them. The bottom line is sacrificing for them to be more comfortable. Most people go into business only thinking of the gains, but if we go into a business meeting with the aim to always want our customers happy and satisfied then we will be reaching their heart.

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Remember, the same principles that make us fall in love with each other can be deployed for your business, as long as you do it in a thoughtful, authentic, and (of course) loving way.

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