Whether you’re planning a staff retreat, an awards ceremony or mandatory employee training, there is a plethora of ways that you can make your corporate function more enjoyable. Although the phrase ‘corporate event’ may cause some to roll their eyes, you can make the process exciting by utilizing some handy tricks. So your next function isn’t a drag, we’ve put together 6 ways that you can spice up your next corporate event.

  1. Theme

A great way to get everyone on the same page at a corporate function is to incorporate a theme. This can either be relating to the formal proceedings, such as ‘teamwork’, or it can be a fun theme not relevant to the activities, such as a Hawaiian theme. With the former, you could center the activities specifically around the theme ‘teamwork’, getting attendees to do group exercises and games that involve working in a group, as well as having presentations centered around the importance of teamwork. For the latter, this could be as simple and as fun as requiring everyone to wear a Hawaiian shirt. This can add an air of fun and help people to let their guards down.

  1. Interesting canapes

People love food, especially free food! If you have some sustenance in the form of delicious and interesting canapes floating around your corporate event, not only will this satiate your attendees, it will give them something to talk about! Try to serve canapes that can be easily eaten and handled, and that won’t cause too much wastage and hence clean up afterwards.

  1. Photo booth

There’s no better way for people to simultaneously bond and let their hair down, than to have a photo booth available. People love the chance to pose for a photo, and this experience is emphasized as they can take a tangible memory of the function home with them! A photo booth, like the ones available from Life’s A Flash, also promotes awareness about the corporate event, as people will share their photos long after the event has finished.

  1. Exciting speaker
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A great way to pep up everyone’s spirits is to hire an engaging and entertaining speaker. Think about enlisting someone with an interesting background, who can provide both a knowledgeable and humorous presentation, engaging the audience and keeping the function’s momentum strong.

  1. Freebies

As aforementioned, it’s a well known fact that people love free things. What’s more, if these free things come in the form of a clever promotional product, not only are you pleasing your attendees, but you’re spreading the word of your business! Think about a cost-effective free gift, such as a small gift bag, that involves useful items that guests are definitely going to use.

  1. Games

A great way to break up the monotony of speeches and other formal proceedings at a corporate event is to incorporate games. These can be in the form of getting-to-know-you games, or simple exercises to consolidate knowledge that has been communicated throughout the function. Slot games in periodically throughout the event, to regularly rejuvenate and revitalize your audience.

So next time you’re thinking about hosting a corporate event, don’t bore your attendees! If the people at your function aren’t stimulated and entertained, there isn’t much point holding a function in the first place. Stick to these 6 helpful tips to spice up your next corporate event!

Culled from Ms Career Girl

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