CBN Cashless CardExpo

We are pleased to inform you that we have been the driving force behind awareness for this year’s edition of CBN CASHLES CARDEXPO which held from Tuesday, June 23 – Thursday, June 25, 2015.

When the Organisers of the event were contracting us to handle the online awareness of the Conference, there were some measure of sceptimism as to what can be done online and the social media. But, we set about executing the task with our trademark diligence and professionalism, with instant results in signups and feedback from the market.

Seeing the tremendous effects of our online works, the Organisers invited us over and expanded the scope of our deliverables to also cover direct field marketing, which necessitated us visiting target participants in the epayment sector – Finance Managers, Accountants, Admin Managers, Payment Industry Stakeholders, Credit & Debit Card Owners, POS Merchants, Entrepreneurs and Salespersons.

With a target of 300 signups given us by the Organisers, we set ourselves a higher target of 500 signups. As we file in this update, we have already signed 1,300+ participants for the event from target sectors, and more persons are still signing!

Our promise remains…Offering You More Options and Time to do More…

TCCL Homes’ Focus Group

The Chair Centre Group, in the process of releasing its new lines that will provide quality and affordable home furniture for a niche segment of the Nigerian market, decided to conduct a qualitative research, specifically Focus Group Discussion, to sample firsthand the takes of select representatives of the target market.

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To achieve this, the TRW Consult Team were invited to provide consultancy and rapporteur services. Five members of our Research team were deployed for the session, and the results were quite revealing, with robust discourse on current issues the Nigerian consumers have vis-a-vis their preferences when it comes to home furnishing.

With us, the Possibilities are endless; and we always offer you more options plus time to do more…

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