Common Marketing Problems of Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, what would you say is your biggest marketing challenge? Some challenges small business owners face when it comes to marketing might include:

  • not enough resources to effectively implement and carry out a marketing plan
  • budgetary constraints to hire the right team members
  • not sure what direction you need to go or even how to begin
  • not enough time to do the marketing tasks you’d like to do

Unlike ten years ago, a business can stay competitive in its industry without a large marketing budget. Thanks to the Internet and social media, getting your messages spread across the radio or on a television commercial isn’t as critical as it once was. You can—for free, mind you—now spread your message to your audience in a more effective, non-interruptive way using free tools like social media and blogging platforms. Because this method of marketing is what a lot of companies are still getting used to, our job is to partner, teach, and help small businesses better understand how to do it.

Here are some marketing tips we suggest for small business owners:

  • Budget for a website design (or re-design) that will allow you to capture leads online. A one-time investment in a well-designed content management system will pay off for you over and over again. Your website should be one that allows for easy updates, has a built-in blog, allows you to easily capture leads.
  • Start using social media. Is this easier said than done for you? Then it’s time to start researching. See what your competitors are doing and how they’re using social media. Use it as a way to talk to people and start building their trust.
  • Blog everyday. One of the most effective ways to improve your search engine ranking is to produce fresh content on a daily basis. Content that will solve a problem in your industry, provide value to those reading it, and share knowledge about industry news and topics you already know so well.
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Culled from The Marketing Squad