Content Marketing Secrets You Wish Someone Had Told You

Before delving into our list of content marketing secrets, you should know that content marketing has now become one of the most effective means of reaching out to a target market. With a well thought-out content marketing plan, your business could connect to and build a rapport with millions of people around the world, be it partners, potential employees, or possible customers.

Even so, few marketers experience the benefits of a successful content marketing strategy. It could be because the most important aspects of content marketing are often ignored or minimally utilised.

The following is a list of five valuable content marketing secrets.

1. It takes empathy, generosity, and courage.

Is your potential customer looking at your content and furiously nodding his or her head in agreement? If they aren’t, your content is missing its most important ingredient – empathy. This, dear friend, is one of the best-kept content marketing secrets in the industry.

People seek information about what matters to them. In today’s world, you cannot afford to gloss over what truly matters to your target audience. There is always the possibility of losing a potential buyer to a competitor whose communication is entirely customer focused.

To get your audience to pay attention, you should discuss things that concern them. The level of engagement you have with and the level of knowledge you have about your audience will determine how well your content is received.

Ask yourself what they think about, why it matters to them, how they regard their challenges and what their goals are.

Successful content marketing requires giving away value without expecting an instant return. Information comes without cost on the internet, but useful and actionable information is rare.

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People appreciate content that contains information with actual value. Will your content help your audience achieve a goal? Will it help them overcome an obstacle or setback? A consistent effort at making value available to your audience will earn you the results you desire over time.

2. Don’t ignore your most valuable assets

Social media is one of the best means of promoting your content. People drive social media. Without their participation in terms of uploads, downloads, clicks, likes, and shares, social media would cease to move and become static like any other website on the internet.

So, it is people who really drive your engagement numbers up on social media, and it is your people who are, in fact, one of your biggest social media marketing assets.

Having your employees advocate your business is remarkably effective. If you were a local fashion brand for women, imagine what would happen if you encouraged your employees to share photographs of clothing available on your website.

3. The first impression matters (Focus on titles and lead image)

The third of our content marketing secrets has everything to do with how your audience perceives you as soon as they come in contact with you. When you scroll through your social media feed, what do you see? A title, descriptive text, and an image. This is all the exposure your content gets on a social media feed, but the great news is that this is all you need. Consider your title and lead image as an advertorial copy for your content.

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Of the entire set of people who read your title, only about 20% wind up reading your article. To stay on the higher side of that statistic, your title needs to be effective.

Here are Tips on How to Write an Effective Title

a) Craft the title after your article is written

To define your article and give it a definite direction, you could use a working title. But reserve the creation of the actual title for after your writing is done, that way you are better positioned to title it with better material.

b) Add urgency, emotion, and a reference to your audience

Now! Urgent words are compelling. Action-oriented words like ‘start’ are also great for titles. Words inciting emotion are just as compelling. Use both on your title in context and address your audience when you can (your audience is more likely to engage when they know you are talking to them).

c) Optimize for search

An important factor in earning that click is the ability of your audience to discover you. Include the right search keys in your title. These are words that a reader is likely to enter into a search bar when seeking the content that you are publishing.

4. Visuals are a social media imperative.

We often think in pictures. Research shows that text is, in fact, ‘unnatural’ to some brains. So, always include a great visual to go with your content.  Keep in mind that people connect well with images that have human faces expressing an emotion.

5. ‘Marketing’ is just as important as ‘content’

The critical element that separates content writing and marketing is the intent. Content written for marketing purposes should ideally align with the product you are trying to sell. It should also have a Call-to-Action (preferably with a link) driving your audience to some conclusion that benefits both them and your brand.

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If you are sharing your content on social media, the CTA should drive your audience back to your blog or website. For this to have a significant impact, you have to drive traffic to your blog website.

How to Drive Traffic to your Blog

1) Optimize your content for SEO

Download an SEO plugin for your blog. Add a short and sharp meta description for each of your blog posts. Type in your keywords and meticulously maintain your blog post categories so your visitors can find it easy to navigate your blog.

2) Share blog posts on social media

Locate specific, relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that discuss your industry. Share your posts on those groups and engage with everyone who responds. It is important to also make time to engage with other members’ content.

3) Include influential social media users and companies where possible

Stakeholders share content they are a part of. You are giving them the stage where it matters and they are helping you gain more visibility. Your readers get to access useful and valuable information and they drive more traffic to your blog sites. Everybody wins!

Many content marketers already know these tips. Nonetheless, it is one thing to know them, and it is another to successfully put them into practice. Be one of those who will put them into practice!