Political branding is a delicate affair for both newcomers and the oldies – simply because the issues that won you the seat may not be as relevant in the next election cycle. Therefore, politicians are forced to brand and rebrand themselves with the movement of issues in the political calendar.  Also, the massive youth population in most countries around the world, particularly Nigeria, has ensured that no political branding is complete without appealing to the digital landscape.

Whether it is a small seat in the State House of Assembly or the highest office in the land, having a digital brand helps you connect with a vibrant base of young Nigerians that will be the core of your supporters and will improve your political capital. The following qualities appeal to young voters:

An Identifiable Narrative

A strong political brand tells a story that aligns with the aspirations and deepest desires of a broad spectrum of voters. It will do you well to have a narrative that your constituents can believe and one way of doing this is by weaving your personal experience into the solution of their problems. We once had an example in Nigeria where the personal story of lack by a presidential candidate resonated far and wide with all Nigerians and this prompted them to elect him. If you don’t have a story of material deprivation, why not tell them how you have been able to solve a major national challenge that used to be an issue with you? There are abundant ways of selling hope with the right political strategy.

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Tech Savvy

This generation of young Nigerians with their #NotTooYoungToRun campaign have a deep dislike for candidates that are not tech savvy because they think such candidates cannot connect to the aspirations of the young, and therefore, cannot understand their struggles. This is completely understandable when you read debates online about why a particular candidate is seen as out of touch with the youth. Therefore, you must have a compelling digital brand as this is the first real interaction you will be having with voters as a political brand. Hone your selfie and other tech skills that are seen as the exclusive preserve of this internet generation. Do this and you will be amazed at the ripple effects on your popularity.

A Unique Logo

Political posters are brand statements in their own right. Visual representations are the most important symbols of your political brand as they speak to a hidden part of voters’ bias. Political posters and logos reinforce your identity and are capable of projecting your brand values in more ways than words can.  Many times, voters pick their candidates not based on issues that they promise to solve; first, they fall in love with the charisma the poster projects before reading about what the manifesto says. Therefore, avoid everyday, pedestrian logo designs by all means; your logo should stand out from your contenders. Juntae Delane, a brand expert, provides this sound piece of advice for political branding:

When developing a logo for your political brand, you must consider the motivational traits of your leadership and the opportunities your leadership will provide voters. As a politician, be aware of how your appearance, actions, and words reflect on your brand.
What happens offline will appear online. Even a small misstep can be blown into a huge mistake that distorts your brand. Naturally, the life of a politician is usually under a microscope.’

There are many other factors that can make your political brand more appealing to the public. It therefore makes a great deal of sense to hire a professional and reputable brand management firm in Nigeria to coordinate how the public perceives you. Contact The Ready Writers’ Consult today.

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