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FanMilk 2013 Awareness Campaign

FanMilk Nigeria saw the need to increase their market share through mind share gain, using internet resources and web platforms. So they sought out TRW Consult and commissioned the digital campaigns and marketing team to execute online adverts and a social media campaign for them.

TRW Consult took over the management of FanMilk’s social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – and kick-started their deliverables from there. In six weeks, they were able to shoot up FanMilk’s Twitter following. They also generated 3,427 views for the dairy producer’s YouTube channel. And to cap it up, they practically overdid themselves by skyrocketing FanMilk’s Facebook fan base from 301 to 6,528 followers! These were all achieved in six weeks!

That was on the social media campaign side.

TRW Consult also undertook strategic online marketing for FanMilk Nigeria Plc, advertising the dairy brand and its various products on 6,793 popular websites and blogs among Nigerian youths. By the time they were done, the adverts had generated a phenomenal 2,561,795 impressions!

Below is a summary of the campaign for your perusal:  

FanMilk Campaign In Brief

1 Facebook 22 Ads 364,655 12,196 12,888 NA
2 High Traffic Websites 6,793 Sites 2,561,795 1,797 NA NA
3 YouTube 2 Videos 13,305 443 NA 3,427
  Total   2,939,755 14,436 12,888 3,427


Due to these amazing results, FanMILK would contact TRW Consult again to run their campaign in 2014.

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