Four Deadly Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

No other time has the power of content marketing been made more manifest than in our fast-paced digital world. It is at the centre of building brand awareness, connecting business to their target audience, building and maintaining trust and showcasing a brand’s authority in an industry. Pause. Many marketers realise the benefits of content marketing and may have even used it the right way at some point. But there is sometimes the temptation to overlook some pitfalls in content marketing because of complacency borne out of successes recorded in the past. Here are some deadly content marketing mistakes to avoid in this season of fast-paced digital revolution:

Content Marketing without Strategy:  content marketing without strategy is like groping in the dark. This usually leads one into a ditch. Content marketing needs a strategy to continue to thrive; the strategy doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it must certainly answer salient questions that give it a clear direction.  The strategy should provide clear answers to questions such as Why, Who, Where, What, How and When. If you can get these basics well outlined in your strategy, then what is left is methods of accommodating techniques and new technologies into your marketing strategy. But strategy comes first.

Dissonance between Strategy and Content Marketing: sometimes there may be a disagreement between content marketing and the strategy adopted.  This is to say that there is more to content marketing strategy that strategy itself e.g. creating a buyer persona, looking into SEO Audit, and having a social media strategy.

When your content marketing and marketing strategy are not synchronised, it is almost like a deliberate call to failure as the efforts into content marketing is more often than not going to be a waste.

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For content marketing strategy to be effective, the sale teams should have a written form of the content marketing strategy that they can refer to in time of doubt.

Fixed and Repetitive Contents:  one thing a content marketing strategy helps you to do is to plan your content with a calendar in mind. This prevents repetition if done well. However, when the goal is defeated, targeted audience may be put off.  A great content marketing strategy recognises the place of variety; the best content marketing is a cocktail of different types of contents. They gain attention through texts, infographics, podcasts and videos.

Trying to Generate all Content in-House: it may be tempting to want to flood your site with in-house contents, especially for start-ups trying to find their feet. However, doing this may cause more harm than good to the brand. Hire a content writer or a team to deliver polished and targeted contents that will benefit your business.

If you are still in doubt about the right content marketing strategy to adopt or who to hire to manage your contents, why not call us today. At TRW consult, we are proficient at content marketing and writing.

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