Good News for Authors!

We have good news to share with you, particularly if you are a published author or are about to write/publish your book. Our sister company, Sons of Issachar Concepts, has come up with an integrated mix of marketing solution that will help authors to make their books hotcake in the market.

Please check out their message below:


One of the challenges every self-published author has to deal with is what to do after their book has been published. The dilemma of finding and engaging the right distribution channels to fast track book sales is as real as the book you now hold in your hands.

At the stage of conceptualising your story, you can easily visualise your would-be readers eagerly turning the pages as they perused the book devouring its rich content. The only thing stopping you from achieving that reality today is getting the books out of storage and into the right hands.

If you are a self-published author stuck with cartons of unsold books in your home or office and wondering what next to do, we have the solution.

Call us now on 08188708026 or send mail to

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