How a Business Can Create and Maintain a Good Reputation

Creating a good reputation takes time and effort and it can be something that’s lost in an instant. However, there are a number of things you can do to help your business build its rep and keep it for the long term and we’re going to take a closer look at them.

Check out These Simple Good Reputation Tips

Whenever you say you’ll do something, actually do it. This may sound obvious, but think about this. How many times did you have a banker tell you he’d send you something, an assistant say he’ll pick something up, or a vendor promise he’d call you back, and they didn’t?

In these cases, you have to follow up yourself, and they lose credibility. Now, think of a moment when someone said they’d do something, and actually delivered. When a person has this habit, it stands out – and you see them as dependable and reliable individuals, trusting them completely. You’d probably give someone like that a strong recommendation, for instance. Do your best to be that person.

Help Other People Reach Their Own Goals

Your reputation goes beyond caring for yourself and your own interests. Have a mindset of helping others. Should a friend’s child be in college and interested in learning about the business world, offer to talk to them for a while, answer their questions and give tips. Should you know an individual in sales and learn that they’re looking for a deal, see if you can help them by making a good introduction. Here are some great tips on helping employees raise their status that can be used across the board.

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Do Your Best to Make Others Look Good

Everyone has been thrown under the bus at least once, and it’s never fun. It’s an excellent idea to figure out ways to make others look good. For instance, if a friend refers you to a certain company, perhaps as a client or even for a job, make sure that, as a thank you, you manage to make them look great somehow. Remember to get there early, and also to be prepared and follow up in time with both parties. Make the referring person look good for introducing you, and your reputation will grow.

Always Go a Little Bit Beyond What’s Expected or Requested

If someone asks for a reference, offer them three. If you promise to save someone 10 percent, save them 15. Should you say you’ll follow up in 24 hours, do it in 12. Send hand-written thank you notes and things like that. A small gesture that shows you care can go a long way, and do wonders for your reputation.

Company Impressions on Paper

Ensuring your business has the right sort of impression on paper is important and this means presenting it in the most professional manner possible. Having a company office in a central location or seemingly in a central location, having a quality website, a well-curated social media presence and also ensuring any material relating to the business is expertly done, creates the correct impression for your company.

Present Yourself the Way You Want to Be Seen

This is often undervalued and overlooked, but first impressions are very important for your reputation. Whether you like it or not, you will be judged before opening your mouth, so dress for the environment you’ll be in. Never be excessively casual – if you’re not sure of the dress code, err on being too dressy. Make sure your clothes fit well, and that they’re clean, unwrinkled and modern. Being well-groomed is important as well, and make sure your accessories or makeup aren’t too distracting. Do not lose an opportunity to impress due to not looking appropriate. Here are some great tips on how to present your business.

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Always Be Wary of Your Body Language

It tells a lot to others. When talking in public, face your audience, with feet pointed at them, and a tall, confident stance. Nod your head when looking to show agreement, lean into the person you’re talking to at times, smile on occasion. Check out Vanessa Van Edwards’ material for more help with this – she’s a body language expert, and founder of the Science of People.

Be Consistent

If you’re inauthentic, you will likely fail to remain consistent, which will never lead to a good reputation. Show your positive qualities to every single person you meet – even when you’re in a bad day. If you are great in a certain setting but rude or cold in another, your reputation will suffer. People have a tendency to share negative experiences a lot more readily than they share positive ones – and this sort of thing spreads quickly.

Act with Integrity

Make sure you do that regardless of what you’re doing. Particularly in the business world, even a small act of selfishness, greed or jealousy can have a serious negative impact, showcasing a lack of integrity – and you might not even notice it. If you would not buy what you’re selling, do not sell it. If you know that you won’t be able to get back to someone, don’t promise you’ll do it. This article on making things other than money discusses the importance of acting with integrity.

Get Engaged in the Communities You’re a Part Of

A community might be as small as an office, and as large as the whole city. Engagement should be aligned with your goals and values. Engaging means giving your time and resource, getting to know people and being generally available to them.

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Be likeable

This relates directly to being yourself. Smile more, approach people you don’t know, offer handshakes and wish congratulations. Small things such as these can make you a lot more likeable – just make sure that you’re not fake – never falsify who you are just so people like you.

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This article was originally published on MeltWater on December 2, 2015, it was written by Cormac Reynolds from Business2Community.

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