Whether it’s a movie premiere or a small gathering to discuss a new book, every event comes with its own obstacles. These challenges only get bigger if you want to profit from ticket sales. This essentially has to do with event marketing, which demands a strategy and not a casual tell your friend to tell another friend. So if you are planning an event where you are looking to sell a lot of tickets, you have come to the right site. Below are a number of tips to help boost your ticket sale:

Make Use of Local Partners
Identifying partners who can drive your ticket sales and give your event a wow experience is essential. Is your event a comedy show? You could partner with local hotels, bars, and restaurants to sell the event as ‘a weekend getaway’. Is your event a training/seminar for SMEs and requires them to pay a registration fee? You could partner banks that favour SMEs. By all means, try to identify a partner that can help you sell more by expanding your reach or that is willing to give attendees an extra incentive to attend the event.

Offer Discounts
While you are all about thinking how to sell more tickets, don’t forget the old rule that you use money to get more money. In this case, it means offering discounts on tickets. Discounts have been used many times to curb a drop in sales. The following conditions could warrant a discount;

Those buying tickets in bulk;
Give personal referral codes to attendees to encourage them to invite friends via social media to buy your tickets;
Offer special deals to members of groups related to your event;
Discounts are sometimes the sales boost you need; however, you must track the aggregate discount in order not to run your event down the road of debts.

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Advertise on all your personal online spaces
You could take your event marketing a notch higher by making use of your email and social media cover photos. If you are someone that sends a lot of email to people, don’t waste that reach. Promote your event with your email signature; Facebook and other social media cover photos are great opportunities for reaching your audience and letting them know about your upcoming event.
You could also install a pop-up or banner on your event website. This should include a link that takes them straight to the ticket-purchasing page or registration for your event.

Tap Into Your Speakers’ Networks
Event organizers should consider this option when it comes to expanding ticket sales. Some organisers let this huge marketing arsenal to go to waste because they don’t recognise the opportunity in it. Most speakers have a huge following on social media, and asking them to endorse your event on their platform could see you record a rise in ticket sales. Sometimes, they don’t need to tweet their endorsement more than once for you to witness this.
Moreover, a speaker at a conference or seminar would be naturally predisposed to promoting the event he has agreed to speak, be it on social media or face-to-face. It is safe to assume that no conference speaker would want to stand in front of empty chairs to deliver his lecture.

Another way to optimally make use of conference speakers is to ask them to share information about your event in a blog post to be published on your website. They could give readers a sneak-peek into what the event will offer, write about their area of expertise and the benefits of the event generally. This piece of information shared on your website could just be the only reason while ten or twenty more people will be paying for those tickets to your event.
By all means, do not despise the influence of your speakers towards dragging people to your event.

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ou could also reach out to past attendees to your conference or event. If they had a swell time at the last event, they will be eager to hitch another ride with you.

Above all, you need an event marketing agency to take care of the little but very important logistics for you. The entire tips above may make you a modest amount of ticket sales, but if you want your event to be the talk of the town, if you want your event to roll in huge profits from the sale of tickets, then look no further as TRW Consult is the No. 1 events marketing agency in Nigeria. Contact us today.

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