How to Use Visual Content Marketing to Boost Your Business Visibility

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, you skip written contents for an appealing visual content? This is in no way a fault, or a signal of unreceptiveness; rather, it is part of living in an age of overwhelming information. The internet is like a theatre where the war of attention is waged, and most often, the visual content comes out victorious. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram, memes, videos, infographics, gif images, and other visual contents create a platform for interaction between brands and customers. Therefore, if you want to be visible to all, you should consider adding visual content marketing to your marketing strategy with these tips below:

  1. What is your visual content marketing goal?

Knowing this will help you in a lot of areas in your visual content marketing drive. You need to plan what you want your visual content marketing campaign to achieve. Some goals you may want to consider include using your visual content to draw more visitors to your website, and also retaining the old visitors. Is the visual content solely for sales improvement? There is also the monetary consideration to it; how much do you see this new strategy bringing into the business?

  1. What type of visual content will work best?

Answering this question will involve a lot of stock-taking. First, you need to know what is working presently in your content marketing and what is not working by checking your website to determine what content has brought the most views in the past. Similarly, factors like the bounce rate, the average time a visitor spends on a visit and the numbers of unique visitors are greatly important.

This is a way of knowing more about the audience you will have to target and the appropriate content that will have the desired effects on them- that is, if you want them to take an action after seeing the images or slideshow.

  1. The only substitute for a quality image is another quality image: images are important in visual content marketing, and when the quality is low, it becomes just like another crowd of monotonous text that bores a reader online. In content marketing, images are supposed to break the line of boredom, and a colourful and high quality image is what does this. Therefore, in your visual content marketing, always endeavour to make use of high quality images so that you don’t lose your target audience.
  1. Your videos should be mobile friendly: it is important to make your video mobile-friendly because users gaze five times longer at a video content than they do at a static content on Facebook or Instagram. According to Facebook IQ, video content should not be too long, and it should be visually exciting.

Above all, you must get an understanding of what your customers want so that you don’t fall short in your goal of getting more audience for your product. Also, there are other tips for visual content marketing. If you need help with developing a visual content marketing strategy, we will be glad to offer our professional service to you. Contact us now.