Recently, live streaming has assumed shimmering popularity in the field of digital marketing. Though new to many, it has succeeded in promoting authenticity, attracting users and increasing views. Its time-sensitive nature makes it attractive to the curious and it has proved to be economical as well.

It is projected that the video streaming market will hit $70.5 billion by the year 2022. Yet, not many social media marketers have tapped the depths of this incredible digital resource.

In 2011, live streaming began with the app YouNow. This was followed by Snapchat in 2014 and Twitter’s Periscope in 2015. Facebook launched its own live streaming sometime in 2016 and this was immediately followed by YouTube’s announcement of live streaming for mobile devices.


Why you should consider live streaming


Active Engagement

Live streams provide certain benefits that YouTube videos and normal ads do not. It is not subject to editing, it is real time and conversational. This makes it human and genuine. The real-time element gives it the air of a conversation between friends where questions and answers can be attended to immediately with the same stroke of daily human communication. This is perfect for customer interaction, especially in addressing their complaints and questions.


A Hybrid of Communication

Live streams combine the benefits of two platforms – online videos and television. This advantage enables it to navigate and incorporate different formats like talks, interviews and TV-style broadcasts in establishing a connection with audiences.


Incredible Reach

It promises a wide reach that can be cost-effective. This works more if you know the demography of your target market and you have an idea of how best to present your product to them. Live streaming provides a vast marketing tool at almost no cost.

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The huge user base and popularity of live streaming are signs of revolutionising marketing for the long haul. It is also an easy way out of the rigours of search engine optimization and content marketing, as it serves as a new way to drive traffic.

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