10 Tips to Manage Your Business Like a Pro on Instagram

Instagram is primarily a visual medium for sharing memories and moments in pictures and short videos with friends and followers.

However, these days it is currently regarded for doing more than just that. It is fast becoming a business and branding tool for as many who can get a hang of it.

The Facebook acquired app now boasts over 300 million monthly active users, so it would be great putting it to good use for business just as much as for personal purpose.

Here are a number of tips to put into use:

Set up personal and business accounts

Don’t let there be no distinction between your individual account and a business one. Using one and the same account may not work if you have personal photos you want to upload.

Your business as a brand must have a clear consistent voice with all posts. This also goes for comedians whose humorous persona have become their brands.

Regular posting time

It may be counter-productive to not have a regular time with which you produce content for your followers. Having a regular scheduled time for posting keeps you organized, and accountable to a large extent.

Be focused

It’s cool to have a specific area that you will become to be known for. Trying to be a jack of all trade will not earn you a loyal following. If you gonna combine topics, then they should most probably be under the same category of interests like football and basketball. If you have a wide range of interests, you might wanna create multiple accounts for them.

Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag

Hashtags are not only fun to use but they do serve a purpose, which is to make searchers interested in your type of content to easily find it when they key in the hashtag with the search term or keyword. Using too many hashtags however is a huge turn-off to many.

A rule of thumb has suggested seven hashtags as the maximum number one should use. That’s left for debate. Just let your instincts guide you with the number of hashtags.

You could also build a brand around a particular hashtag and let people know you for it. Just make sure it fits into your brand objectives.

It goes down in the DM

Well not that kind of going down. But heck whatever works for you.

Do not take for granted the engagement you get from your audience, when you can, deliberately read their comments and respond accordingly to them.

This makes you more human and puts a face to the brand, which drives up loyal following, and potential customers of your business. With DMs you get to build one-on-one relationships with your most engaging followers. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Make your bio catchy and friendly

As simple and personable as possible is what should describe your bio. You could also draw in more people with a human display picture as against a business logo, not to undermine the importance of a brand logo.

Use tracking codes on your links

When you have a link you want to share that would lead back to your website, create a URL builder and generate a tracking code to help measure the amount of clicks that link gets, that would help inform your decision better.

If you are going to use a URL shortener, be sure to let your followers know the content of where you are directing them to because the shortened link doesn’t give a clue sometimes.

Have a dedicated landing page for Instagram

Asides creating landing pages that direct to your website, you could also optimize a dedicated landing page for your social media account like Instagram. Sponsored ads from a Facebook or right on Instagram can do the trick. The key is to make sure the potential visitors are going to meet what they expect on the page.

Move up with video

With video, you usually can’t go wrong. A mix of humour, a friendly presentation and of course armed knowledge of your topic will score you many views, leads and eventual customers. Video gives your brand a relatable dimension and allows audience get a more personal experience of behind-the-scenes moments of your business.


Instagram analytics helps you have an overall insight into how your audience is interacting with your content. This helps you of course to make well thought out decisions going forward. Try out Iconosquare.

Bonus tips: Be AUTHENTIC, NEVER EVER buy followers or verifications; Take advantage of Instagram Live plus Instagram Stories as much as you can.

Credit: Pulse