Most Common Mistakes made in Email Marketing

We have talked about why you need to invest in email marketing, and why you should have an email marketing list. But as effective as this marketing technique is, it is very easy to make mistakes that will derail your marketing efforts. Here are some very common email marketing mistakes you should avoid:

  1. No Welcome Message: Subscribing for emails is a clear indication that a person is interested in what you have to offer. It took them a lot of effort to fill that online form and a simple “Thank You” message is the least you can do. It will look incredibly rude if your very next mail after the subscription is a newsletter or some promotional email. You have to appreciate your subscribers for subscribing.
  2. Forgetting a Call to Action: Every email you send after the welcome message must have a clear purpose to get your subscribers to take some form of action. Even your welcome message should have a call to action; probably asking them to help share your website with friends. What exactly do you expect your subscribers to do with an email without a Call to Action (CTA)? At the same time, be careful not to send too many CTAs that might overwhelm your subscribers.
  3. Sending Too Many Emails: Sometimes, you need to chill. You might have all these exciting updates and newsletters but overwhelming your subscribers with too many mails can really annoy them and cause them to unsubscribe. Too many messages can drive a person crazy especially if they are all important. Chances are your email is not a priority to your subscribers (Family, Friends, Work, etc. are all more important) so when they see your email always lurking in the midst of all these important ones they need to respond to, it can cause them to get frustrated with you.
  4. Not Working on Your Subject Line: Your subject line determines if your email will be opened or ignored. Have it in mind that your subscribers are busy and receive a lot of emails daily, so make it difficult for them to ignore yours.
  5. Not Paying Attention to Analytics: What is the open rate of your emails? Are your subscribers opening your emails? If the answer is yes, then you have great subject lines but if the open rate is low, then it is a sign you need to improve on that. It does not end there! Do they obey your Call to Action? Are they clicking on the links you added to the message? If the answer is yes, then not only is your subject line good, your message is also enticing enough to make them take action. If otherwise, then, you need to work on the body of your mail. All these can be spotted with proper attention to analytics.
  6. Sending Unprofessional Emails: People judge you by the kind of mails you send. It does not matter how good your services or goods are, once the messaging is bad, people will judge you by that ‘bad’ message. This is why your email has to be professionally written and the images should be of high quality and relevant to the topic.


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Samuel Ejedegba