Old School Marketing Techniques that are Still Effective

Old School Marketing Techniques are no longer considered viable and everyone has resorted to the use of social media to market their products and services. However, the right kind of marketing mix should be one that deploys both traditional and modern marketing techniques.

Here are some marketing techniques considered obsolete by many but still work wonders:

  1. Signage: This is old school but still really effective. How many times has someone walked into your barber’s shop just by seeing the ‘barber’ sign in front? Having a sign in front of your business location with your business name and contact details is still as effective as ever and no Social Media can take that away.
  2. Promotional Items: Get a branded bag that your clients can use to take home items purchased from you. Big brands now even use branded bags as a form of a status symbol so anyone walking with a bag full of items is proud to have shopped in Dolce and Gabbana.
  3. Direct Mail: Technically, this is still an old school marketing technique as the idea of emails was gotten from good old post office mailing. Now, we can send them digitally and tell our clients about discounts and other promotional offers. Before the internet, this was time-consuming and expensive as one had to work with a post office to be able to send your offers to various clients. Now with a click of a button, they will get your messages.
  4. Telephone Calls: While emails and social media can help you reach clients easily, there is a personal touch that a telephone call gives you. Phone calls are more intimate and show that you care about them enough to call.
  5. Flyers and Merch: If your business is local, then having your flyers printed and distributed in your area is strategic. It is even better when you go out on your own to hand them over to people as it allows you to talk to them as well. Merchandise also helps. If you give a customer a shirt as a gift for being a loyal client and that shirt has your business name. That is free marketing by the customer. He is excited. He has a new shirt and you are excited because he will wear it around and help you market for free.
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Samuel Ejedegba