Post-Purchase Marketing Techniques

Want to retain your customers after their initial purchase? Then you should understand that the purchase is not the end of a transaction between you and your client. There are post-purchase marketing techniques that will keep them coming back. These are not “in your face” techniques that can be annoying, but subtle ways you can improve their customer experience which increases trust in your business. Here are 8 post-purchase marketing techniques that can keep you in your customers’ consciousness:

  1. Say thank you: Make a phone call, send an email and thank them for patronizing you. You can get creative and send them a video or a design with a “thank you” message. Also, personalize it! Include their names and let them know how much their purchase means to your business.
  2. Assure them of your return and refund policy: Help to reduce post-purchase anxiety by ensuring your customer is fully aware of your refund policy and returns process. Being transparent about this will build trust with your customer as it shows your brand isn’t all about sales, and that you understand your customers’ needs.
  3. Send them Instructions: You might not have the time to receive every phone call from customers who need to inquire about something relating to your product. Show them you care by sending them the information they may need to enjoy the use of your product.
  4. Send them product care tips: Similar to the above, let them know the best way to use your product to improve assurances that they will get the full benefits of your product. Help them prevent the purchase from wearing out by giving them helpful product care tips. This does not just make them happier, it makes your product last longer which will most likely bring them back to you.
  5. Ask for Feedback: Ask them to give you product satisfaction feedback. Let them tell you what they loved about it, what they don’t like and suggestions on what can be improved. It passes the message to them that you are focused on improving customer satisfaction and build your product to meet their needs.
  6. Remind them to come back: Now if you sell a product that needs replenishment like creams or cereals or makeup, it is wise to remind them to come back and replenish when you feel they would be running out. The message should be tactful. The message should show that you care about them and are not just trying to convince them to come and buy more.
  7. Do Giveaways: Make sure you reward your loyal customers by giving them free products or merchandise like free shirts (Which can serve as free advertising). You can also give them exclusive offers like discounts, etc.
  8. Recommend Complementary Products: If your customer buys a shaving stick from you, you can recommend shaving creams that go with it.
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Your relationship with a client should not end after their first purchase. Make them develop an emotional attachment to your brand and you will not only get loyal customers but loyal marketers as well.


Samuel Ejedegba