You know how you have your website with content but you don’t ever get to find yourself on the front page of Google? This is largely due to a default in the website’s SEO marketing. While building a website and creating content on it is very important for any creator, optimising the website for SEO marketing is what takes your website from 0-100 on a whim, and helps the creator earn with it. 

What is SEO marketing?

SEO means search engine optimisation. It is a marketing technique used on websites where certain keywords that make it easy to find a content are used to bring such content to the first page or as the top-ranking article.  This technique is done in an organic manner and it brings real people to the website. This means that the search engine has been properly optimized to give the result we get.  

It works when the creator uses specific words that people will always use when searching for a particular topic, the creator uses it a number of times in the article which makes it appear on the first page, and rank well. 

SEO marketing is the usage of the SEO technique that is, optimising your website and page to attract traffic to your site on Google, Bing, and other search engines. This will inadvertently convert to sales for your business. 

When a search is made about cakes in Birmingham, proper SEO marketing is what makes your business pop on the search engine as opposed to others who do the same business. To do this effectively, you have to organically feed the search engine what it needs. SEO marketing is one of the best ways to market your business


Why is SEO Marketing Important?

Attracts traffic to your site: Properly done SEO brings people who can relate with your ranking content on your site to engage your posts.

Converts to sales: Useful content from a site that answers to the users need is highly likely to convert especially when the webpage looks good and shows that the business knows what they’re up to. 

Builds authority: This is when the business webpage constantly pushes out content that shows that they know what they’re doing, and the users sees the website as the go to when that service is required. Building authority makes users want to revisit the page and do business with the organisation. 

Breeds consumers trust: Building trust with users will involve delivering on the promise made by providing relevant information, making sure they get the service they require promptly. This would enable the user to be able to refer the webpage to other people due to how they’ve met their expectations. 

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On-page SEO: This is the kind of SEO that involves the optimization of a website to improve its ranking on search engines. This is done by the creator on their website. It includes components like: Content, keywords, HTML, and Architecture.

  1. Content: Search engine optimization on page relies a lot on well-curated content. The content must be useful to its audience and must serve a purpose. The content must tick the following requirement:                               High-quality: Search engines would rank quality content against basic ones. This is why the content delivered should be of great value.                     Targeted: Contents should target a specific intent and fulfill that need. Search engines would bring out the content that matches the wishes of the user than one that doesn’t. E.g.: A brand organization post will be targeted towards searches relating to brand management.                                             Useful and On-time: Content that is made at the time of need of users is likely to rank top as it is also useful for their needs: for example, Valentine’s content made in early February when people will start searching for things related to the day will most likely rank. Churning out high-quality content is one of the best ways to rank high in search engines.                                                                                                          
  2. Keywords: The main subject that forms the search base are the keywords. Choosing an appropriate keyword is a major aspect of SEO marketing. It is usually done based on frequency and relevance. It is important to also check if the relevant keyword is constantly used in the niche. The frequency is based on how much users search for that keyword. Keyword competitiveness is also important. If it is too rowdy, looking for a closer one might bring an advantage.                                                                                
  3. HTML: This is known as Hypertext Markup language. It has a lot of functions. For SEO, HTML is the tool that allows for structuring, sections, and links using its elements. It is the language used for webpage creation. The way the HTML Pages are arranged in a quality manner helps with a proper search engine. Optimizing its elements helps to promote this. HTML that needs optimization for SEO purposes includes: Meta description, Alt text, Headings, URL, and Title Tag.
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Off Page SEO: This involves what organizations do outside their webpage to help with its ranking. It involves the external mention of the website through various platforms like:  backlinks, and socials.

  • Backlinks: This is a mention of the website on another webpage, the usage of the website on another site shows that the website is relevant and has useful information on the topic. It usually happens when the website is well known, and has shown authority on the subject overtime.                                                        
  • Social: This usually entails sharing on other social media platforms like: Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp or even speaking about it on a podcast. 

These tactics help to build authority for the website, and also serve its SEO optimisation function. 

How to make the most of your SEO marketing                         

  • Have a good marketing strategy and goals: Have a specific target on how you want your page to do, and what you’ll want to gain from putting in work to your SEO. This will serve as a guide to work with throughout your SEO process.  This process includes doing keyword research, and selecting relevant keywords, and noting the amount of time keywords have to appear in articles.                                                                                          
  • Create organic content: The most important step to having great SEO marketing is writing good content. Equipping your page with useful, and timely content will make users want to visit over and over again. This will also show your authority in that niche and convert to sales decisions for users. Blogging is one of the ways to maximize the benefits of quality content for your webpage.  Also divide content with headline tags for a good user experience.
  • Build a great website: Your webpage or website has to be well organized, fast to access, and easy to read. This helps with the user experience and makes them want to spend time on your website.                                              
  • Search for keywords: Use keywords the right way, search for relevant keywords and if they’ll rank well, use good supporting keywords. Always include your keyword in the alt tag of images to boost your marketing. Keyword search can be done using:, google keyword tool, and Ahrefs keyword generator
  • Track your analytics: Know how well your SEO marketing is doing from how you’re ranking, and sales the website is bringing. It will help you note what you’re not doing right. This will help with planning further. This can be done with the use of Google Analytics.                                                                                    
  • Build quality links: Use links in your posts. That includes outbound links which link articles from outside websites and also links to articles you have on your page. Using them properly would be linking relevant articles, and also checking them if they are broken at any point in time and fixing the broken links.                                                                                                    
  • Make use of social media platforms: Promote your websites on other platforms; this will help attract your audience and visit your page.
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Getting great SEO marketing done is not a walk in the park. However, optimizing all the important elements off-page and on page will help guarantee great results. Also, making sure that all the SEO analytics are tracked, so as to know the level where the website is at and what can be done to better it makes all the difference. 

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