Branding and marketing are two crucial words that are easily mixed up by non-industry professionals. Some have stopped trying to understand the difference between the words, and have instead settled for using them interchangeably. But there is a gulf of difference between the words, more than the thin line that the title of this article suggests. To make the terms clearer, some definitions may come in handy.

What is Branding?
Branding in its simplest form can mean a process that captures a company’s reputation in a few words. It could be a single word that gives personality to the company or that rekindles the unique attributes of the company whenever it is mentioned. When you mention a brand like Apple, it evokes certain images in the mind. The images of elite, class, chic and hip come to mind. These are attributes that sometimes make consumers of their products stand in line to buy their latest products, even at midnights, whenever there is a new release.
What is Marketing?
Marketing refers to the processes that deliver the message of the brand to consumers. While a brand remains the same, marketing evolves to deliver a brand’s core values. Marketing encompasses many activities; it deals with the advertisement, and it also tries to understand the consumer’s tastes so that it can utilize it to the brand’s benefit.

Where Branding Meets Marketing
Branding and Marketing both aim to achieve the same goal, that of communicating a unique identity to a target audience. In the process of marketing, branding is sometimes incorporated in order to win customer loyalty. On the other hand, the information gathered from the marketing process can be used in representing a brand in a certain light that appeals more to consumer’s taste.

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Where Branding and Marketing Part Ways
Your branding strategy forms the bedrock of your marketing communications. Therefore, branding is strategic in that it doesn’t evolve as marketing is wont to do. Rather, it seeks to win and maintain customer loyalty on a long-term, and also counts on this to continue to thrive after marketing campaigns are over.
On the other hand, marketing is said to be tactical because it doesn’t seek to influence the consumer’s feelings towards the product on a long-term. Rather, marketing is more concerned about building awareness for the brand and not sustaining a brand loyalty. It marshals its points to convince the consumer and the campaign ends there.

Which One Should You Put Your Money into
Branding has its own purpose, and so does marketing, and in relation to that specific purpose, they are great investments that can bring in returns. It is the knowledge of that purpose that prevents wastages. In order to carry out a successful marketing campaign to give your brand a boost, you need only the best marketing communications firm to handle your campaign. Look no further than TRW Consult, the award-winning marketing communications agency that can guarantee your brand a long-term relationship with customers. Call us now.

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