The YouWIN Story [Part 1]

YouWIN is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria launched under the Goodluck Jonathan Administration.

Its purpose is to encourage home-grown entrepreneurship by providing capacity building and grants to budding Nigerian entrepreneurs as well as those with viable business ideas.


YouWIN + TRW Consult

Having become renowned for their impressive deliverables in digital marketing and social media campaign, the TRW Consult team were engaged to handle the online campaign for the second edition of YouWIN.

In the spate of four weeks, they were able to make the YouWin gospel go viral across Facebook, Google and other 1,273 high-traffic sites in Nigeria, a feat they achieved using keyword search, text displays, image displays and videos which were seen on computers, tablets, and other mobile devices.

By the end of the campaign, the adverts had been shown a whopping 11,266,164 times on Facebook to a total number of 9,787,100 Nigerian subscribers. On Google and other target sites, the ads were shown 3,318,346 times resulting in 11,926 clicks!

All these were achieved in just FOUR WEEKS!


And because of that performance, the YouWIN organisers certainly wanted TRW Consult to handle the campaign for Season 3.

Read about it here.

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