The YouWIN Story

YouWIN is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria, launched under the Goodluck Jonathan administration, to encourage homegrown entrepreneurship by providing capacity building and grants to budding Nigerian entrepreneurs as well as those with viable business ideas.

Season 2

Having become renowned for our impressive deliverables in digital marketing and social media campaign, TRW CONSULT was engaged to handle the online campaign for YouWIN 2. And, in the spate of four weeks, we were able to viral the YouWin gospel across Facebook, Google and other 1,273 high-traffic sites in Nigeria using keyword search, text displays, image displays and videos which were seen on computers, tablets, and other mobile devices.

At the end of the campaign, the adverts were shown a whooping 11,266,164 times on Facebook to a total number of 9,787,100 Nigerian subscribers.

On Google and other target sites, the ads were shown 3,318,346 times resulting in 11,926 clicks!

All these were achieved in just FOUR WEEKS!

Season 3

In the wake of our awesome performance last term, we were once again contracted to push the message of YouWIN, an initiative of the federal government of Nigeria, to the millions of Nigerian youths/internet users.

Upon mobilisation, we set about the project with our trademark resourcefulness, opening an official Facebook Page for YouWIN, optimising their YouTube Channel as well as targeting 2,929 high traffic sites in Nigeria for the display of YouWIN ads.

At the end of it, the adverts fetched 8,625 Clicks and were seen 7,303,414 via Google search and on target websites. For a campaign that spanned just three weeks, that was phenomenon!

On the audio-visual side, we also advertised the video clips of YouWIN on YouTube. And at the expiration of the campaign, the video clips had garnered 46,041 impressions and 9,542 views, which resulted in 1,360 website clicks.

On Facebook, we were able to reach 847,359 Nigerians with the YouWIN! Season 3 message. In addition, the adverts on Facebook polled 3,375,691 impressions, resulting in 32,171 clicks, and 14,362 actions, with the adverts showing at a frequency of 4.0.

To cap it all, the official Facebook Page that we developed from scratch for YouWIN now boasts 3,958 followers at the time of compiling this report. These were all achieved in the space of three weeks of concentrated hard work optimising, manipulating and tweaking creatives at the backend for optimal result.

Here is the access to some of the ads screenshots captured on target websites

You will also see some of the screenshots of the Facebook campaign here