Top 12 important Aspects to Consider before Planning an Event

Parties are fun but planning them is an equally daunting task to achieve. As the day of your occasion starts getting closer, you leap into some frenzied situation that seems a bit difficult to resolve. Each and every event has its own level of planning. As you are well aware that birthdays are a lot easier to plan than weddings. Similarly, a corporate event requires different types of skills to organize. But, in a nutshell whether it’s a birthday, reception, engagement or an anniversary, every event requires consideration over certain aspects that cannot be ignored at any cost.
Here are some of the things that you should consider in your event planning checklist.

  1. Type of Event:
    This tip is basically dedicated to an event planner who gets the task of organising spectrum of events. When you are an event planner, you need to categorise each and every event.
    This is a common notion that a birthday menu is certainly different from a baby shower! Rummage through the type of event and what all are your client’s requirements. The type of event is certainly important for deciding a venue. Whether or not you are a planner, choosing a venue is a common issue. Like organising a wedding reception at your home would be a poor location choice. Likewise, the theme and décor of the event is decided on its type as well.
  2. Prepare your Guest List:
    How many guests are you going to invite? This query is perceptible enough. When you are about to host a grand event, the grander get your guest list. Keep in mind that inviting too many guests can clutter up your venue, but calling fewer guests at a big banquet hall seems waste of money. Prepare your guest list with a clear head and make sure that it is a legible one.
    There is no point in calling your colleagues at your kid’s birthday!Have a clear estimation of number of guests with your venue. Make sure it does not feel overcrowded or too empty.
  3. Set a Date and Time:
    An event is more successful when there is a holiday or some long weekend. The time is important for every event. Deciding over a date would help you to reserve your day at a banquet hall, hotel, and restaurant wherever you want to organize it. Conveying the date and time to your guests would also help them in preparing for your events in advance. They could work out their schedules and check whether there are any prior arrangements or not. When you are in the midst of wedding season, choosing a date and time in advance would help you to secure among the wedding ceremony venues.
  4. Pick a Location:
    Organizing a big event would need a location to host. Clients today have myriad of options available. From banquet halls to resorts, farmhouses or your own backyard, all your events could be arranged at a perfect location. But, before reserving a venue, make sure that it is not remotely located. A location should be chosen on the basis of accessibility. It would be more enjoyable for your guests to reach their destination easily even if they are opting for public transport. But, if they are coming with their private vehicle, your location should have sufficient parking facility. Traipse around a little and find the location that is best suited to your convenience.
  5. Take Note of Food & Beverages:
    No event gets concluded without a catering service. While choosing a venue, make sure that your location has in-house catering service. If there isn’t such a facility, then you need to contact the outdoor vendors for your occasion. While preparing the menu, make it according to your event.
    Having a section of alcoholic beverages would be unwise to arrange on a kid’s birthday party. If your venue is providing the food service, do not forget to ask them about the charges. Prepare your venue according to your event and customize it with the caterers if you feel it is lacking in some ways.
  6. Arrange for Entertainment:
    When it comes to event planning, entertainment is one of the pivotal aspects discussed among your guests. Your guests are definitely looking forward for some fun activities. You cannot imagine a birthday party without few games to complement the occasion. These days the corporate events and many wedding occasions are making arrangements for entertainment or performances to bring more spirit to the occasion. The days of having a sombre occasion are long gone. Guests today thrive on having fun and as a responsible event organizer, rule out some interesting games that will create an atmosphere full of vivacity.
  7. A Well-Groomed Venue:
    Pep up the ambience of your occasion with a corresponding décor. How to choose the best decoration ideas for your event that could convey your theme?
    Browse your ideas and decide what theme would be your event’s best ensemble. When this is a corporate event, then the agenda of your meeting would be the best theme. You can have your entertainment activities resemble your theme. For a wedding ceremony, you may have some colour or seasonal theme. Decorations are an integral part of any event and when you are confused about the type of decoration you want to exhibit, having a nice long discussion with your planner would be the perfect course of action.
  8. Take Care of Your Budget:
    While planning your event, keep a strong hold on your budget. But, unfortunately for an event planning, the sky is the limit. With so many things on your list, you need to do a lot of shopping and this gives away your actual budget estimation. Whether looking for a birthday parting gift or your party dress, having a pre- defined budget is really important. Moreover, your budget includes food, equipment rental, decorations and staff. Thus, go through the budget provided by the venue and check whether it’s compatible with yours. It would never hurt you to ask for discount. While you are on a venue hunting spree, do not forget to compare various venues and select the one appropriate for our budget.
  9. Recruit a Planner:
    If you are feeling out of sorts over the preparations, then hiring a professional would be the perfect alternative. Hiring an event planner is advantageous in situations when you are unaware about the preparation. With deep and profitable connections, an event planner can offer you suggestions that are not easily available. All the more, during a crisis situation, an event planner can work out the best to rectify the trouble. He/ she have enough experience to work out under your said budget. Get into discussion with an expert and organise your party wonderfully.
  10. Maintain the workflow of the preparation:
    When you are all done with your planning, now the time has come for you to execute the task in a timely planner. Just go through your checklist and mark what all the tasks you have covered and what all you are left with. Having a workflow of the event would bring uniformity in your task routine and you are less likely to skip the important details of the event. While you are preparing for the event in advance, keep a reminder of the things that you are going to do that day. This will create regularity as well.
  11. Check the Layout of the Floor Space:
    Finding a proper space for your event is a headache when you keep on hitting the wall and your efforts seems fruitless. Firstly, put out a seating arrangement that is synchronized with your event. Have a look at the floor space and decide the type of seating style that would be possible to place. Check whether your event could be hosted within a single room or you want to have it in some shared space.
    Moreover, you cannot fill your hall with banquet style setting when you have decided over a dinner dance party afterwards. Get a glimpse of the types of seating arrangement that your venue could provide and check whether the number of guests could be accommodated in those with the help of banquet room layout planner.
  12. Go through the Venue Policies:
    When you are hosting your party at a venue it is advisable to have a look at the company policies. Before you sign up and register the venue, make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions bestowed by the location on you. Ask whether they provide the flexibility to shift or postpone the date or how much would they charge for an event cancellation or some customizations that you might want to add from your side.
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