Google relies on users and users rely on Google. Every day, five billion searches happen on Google and over one-third of these searches have “local” intent. So, how can a business get more visibility? Google again, has the answer: Google My Business.

Google My Business, which saw a couple of changes in 2022, including being renamed Google Business Profile, is an online tool that allows local businesses to show up throughout Google products such as Search or Google Maps. Besides helping to get more visibility, it also has an impact on local SEO, as the business information will be accurate and consistent.

Here you have the top five benefits of using this tool:

1. First and foremost, Google doesn’t charge you for opt-in this tool, however, you really need to invest time to master this tool and actually reap the full benefits it has to offer.

2. Insights: Google offers analytical data about how a business was found, where it was shown, and what information the end-user is seeing.

3. Google Post: it has the option to show “featured content” to users that already found the business. This includes:

  • Events: drive in-store visits like live music at a bar or restaurant
  • Product Updates: new merchandise
  • Offers & Specials: sales and discounts
  • Announcements: any updates related to store hours or general business information

4. Reviews: users are going to leave reviews. Some of them will be good, some of them will be bad, and all of them will play a key role in how other customers see a business. Google Business Profile allows to manage and monitor reviews with a nice dashboard that will make anyone’s day easier.

5. Visibility: having consistent information throughout Google about a business will improve all marketing efforts as many local listings use Google’s data to feed their listings.

So, is it really necessary to have a Google Business Profile? It all depends on the type of business and industry as this has a bigger impact on local SEO, but it definitely helps to reach new customers and drive more traffic to a website or in-store visits.

Culled from White Shark

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