Upwardly Running

In fulfillment of our commitment to continually increase our capacity, so we can offer you optimum value, more options and time to do more, three of our operatives – Samuel Adeyemi, Philip Amiola and Benneth Njoku – last week went for a Google-organised training session tagged Digify Bites.

This very intensive training was aimed at improving and updating the skills of practitioners with latest technologies for SEOs, digital marketing, social media, online adverts, digital production, among others.

In addition, our Samuel Adeyemi was formally inducted and certified as a Public Relations practitioner at Nicon Hilton, Abuja, last Thursday by the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). Two other operatives of ours are also cutting their teeth in PR, Publicity and Image Management.

We owe all these strides to You for your continual patronage and referrals which keep us running as well as ensure that we stretch ourselves to offer You more…

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