Ways to Build the Perfect Email List

Building a perfect email list has never been easy, especially when there are many things to put into consideration. The real question is what do you do with it and how do you build this list. Email lists are used for email marketing, sending messages to a list of emails, informing your clients or prospects about new products, promotions and just general information about your business.


An email list, when done properly, can generate high Returns on Investment. It is also less expensive than some other marketing efforts and it targets a group of people that have initially shown interest in your product or services. Building the list might not be easy. Of course, there are people who sell emails to others but this is wrong as it can tarnish your brand reputation and email providers punish for this. So here are some tips on how to build the perfect email list:

  1. Be Trustworthy: Nobody likes spam emails. So those who register on your site to receive emails from you must be assured that their details would not be sold to someone else. Before they register, be straight forward and add a promise to your form that you will not sell their details to anyone. Also, too many emails can be annoying, so let them know how often you will send them information and stick to it.
  2. Brag a Little: There is something called the bandwagon effect in marketing. It means that people will be more willing to do something if a lot of people have done it before. So if you already have a lot of emails in your list, brag about it. You can have something like “Join the over 10,000 subscribers,” in your sign up form.
  3. Use pop up forms: No one has the time to search for forms on a site, so it is wise to utilize the pop-up forms when someone visits your site. The form should pop after site visitors have stayed a little while on your website as this indicates interest in what your site offers. A form that pops up immediately someone logs in can be annoying and can make the user either close the pop-up form or simply leave your site. Additonally, contents/illustrations gracing the pop up should be simple and not complicated.
  4. Lure subscribers with the inside scoop: if someone registers to receive emails from you, then it shows that they are interested in what you have to offer. Promise them inside scoops and updates. Lure them back to your website by letting them know when you have updated your stock.
  5. Make your customers marketers: A registration code that goes with a 20% discount if your customers can get a particular number of people to register for your email services is a good way to motivate your customers. Encourage them to share your emails and websites.
  6. People respond to Incentives: Like the point above, you can also offer new subscribers incentives to subscribe. It can be a free guide, online video course or an eBook. Let them know they are getting value in return by subscribing to your mail list.
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Samuel Ejedegba.