Ways to inject some fun in your Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is easy! But it is also very easy to get it wrong when we fail to adjust to the platform. People are online to have fun and once we are in tune with that fact, our social media marketing will be more successful. Here are ways to inject some fun in your social media marketing:

It’s Social before Media: The mistake many businesses make is that they forget that the platform is meant to enable people to get social. So they bring their traditional marketing techniques to Social Media and then wonder why they are not getting any attention.

You should know that people are not on social media for your product. The world does not revolve around your business. So when you acknowledge that people are online for social purposes; to connect with friends, meet new people and have fun, then you will get your social mask on before you market. Loosen up a bit! Share jokes, spark a conversation, help customers with valuable information and they will pay attention when you have something to market.

  1. Run Competitions: It does not have to be complicated. It can be just something that can spark a conversation. For instance, if you are a food vendor, you can post a picture of a spicy looking plate of food and ask your friends or followers to mention those they can share that with. You can also run promos online and whoever wins, gets a discount.
  2. Think of Visuals: Those on social media are more inclined to watch a video than read a text. This is why most vendors employ the services of social media comedians who post short skits that make people laugh. When someone sees a funny video, he or she is more inclined to share it, so you will be wise to take advantage of this. Also, video advertising on platforms like YouTube can be very successful.
  3. Give people something to Remember: It does not need to have anything to do with your product, it only has to remain on people’s minds. Think of creating a funny character or slogan that people will use. Slangs work very well, especially in Nigeria and musicians have taken advantage of this. Why can’t businesses do the same?
  4. Be Weird: Do not go full-blown psycho but some of the online adverts that have done well in the past have been the weirdest. People are online to have fun, so you have to make them laugh. Think back at some of the weird campaigns you have seen and the number of traction they have gotten. However, this is a dangerous line to thread as there is a thin line between being weird and offensive.
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Social Media allows us to reach out to more people than we would normally do,  but for us to be successful, we have to speak the language of social media.

Samuel Ejedegba

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